OliviaFiberArt creates beautiful and unique dip dyed bohemian tapestries for your home. I love to try new dye techniques, blending colors to create different levels of saturation and love to find new tones.


I'm Olivia, the creator of the fiber and cotton.

Creating art is what I always wanted to do. My designs are very unique and remarkable. Every piece you find here its handmade by me. I love the individualism of my work which can be also customer personalized.

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My work

I am working very close with my customers to create their dream art design. Every piece is handmade by me from the very beginning to the end. I’m taking care of every single details during this fabulous journey. I sand boards, dye, paints, stains, combine hundreds of single wool or cotton threads to create unique masterpiece . My dreams come true because all of my lovey customers.

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